Publicology provides new media solutions to businesses, with a focus on Resource, Real Estate, and Technology.

We work exclusively with referrals. Let us know if we have mutual friends!

Social/Mobile/Web Marketing, Development, and Strategy
Client Relationship Management, Investor Relations, Sales Process Management, BPI, Multi-family Residential Real Estate Marketing, Small-Cap Mining Project Marketing, Hi-Tech / Bio-Tech Startup Marketing


We make peace between the Public & Technology.
Publicology is simple, reliable, and efficient computing for all.

Why Publicology?

Established in 2004, we initially offered web development and design services as “Urban Ink Design”.
After expansion into IT services and consulting, “Publicology Technology Solutions” was founded in 2008 to better reflect the new range of services. In 2010, we expanded our project marketing solutions with marketing multi-family residential projects in Western Canada and US. Starting in 2012, we expanded into project marketing for the publicly listed companies, as well as corporate communications.

Today, you will find us to be your tech-savvy partner in marketing your projects.

Publicology Technology Solutions