Our ideal clients are companies with 1 to 50 employees with a head office in downtown Vancouver.

We make sure workstations, servers, systems and software run problem free and provide phone and email support for users.

After the basics are running smoothly, we make suggestions that improve business processes using computing with the goal of increasing efficiency, reducing cost, and improving productivity and the triple bottom line.

We have clients in multiple industries. Our current client portfolio includes Real Estate Developers and Agents, Capital Market Entities and Management Consulting Companies, Mining and Resource Management, Energy, Investment Groups.

We can’t wait to meet you to start making your IT hassle free.


Our Clients
Rafii Architects Inc., Brazilian Gold, Ernst & Young, Aperture Investment Inc.,  Archean Star Resources Inc, Performance Controls Ltd, Dr. Marc Boyle, Dr. Mahanian, Chinese Medicine Clinic, Q Best Trading Co, Martec Recycling Corporation, Andalco Investments Inc,  Links Group Consulting, West Coast Living, Green Mango Cafe, Canadian Building Supply, MRM Architects, Women’s Health Network, Children’s Foundation, Apollo Photography, Yalian Steel Corporation, Alt-Aqua Energy, Carol Madsen, Kimia Sun Jewelry, and more.



Publicology’s quality of work is top notch and they always manage to get results from conception to the final output. Publicology are the most reliable IT Consultants I have ever worked with!
Nazgol E.

Mohsen is a creative, skilled, and very intelligent individual. His work ethic is always professional and goes above and beyond the needs of the project. He is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him.
Carol M.
Simon Fraser University

I would not have anyone touch my IT information but Publicology, they are the only ones I trust with all of my accounting information.
Joe Gallo
Kent Exploration Inc.


Publicology Technology Solutions