Average Annual Cost of Business IT Service

The Process


We meet to discuss your needs. We’ll then take a look around to assess your existing setup.


Shortly after or during the first meeting, we will present a configuration that meets all your needs and makes best use of your current hardware and software.
During this review we will propose multiple options and explain how they differ in criteria: reliability, savings, scale-ability, aesthetics, and efficiency.


Once the decisions are made and a road map for your IT alignment strategy is laid out, we will make it happen.


We will maintain contact to make sure everything is working problem free and always be available for remote or on-site support.

Pricing Plans

Our Competitive Pricing plans includes fixed monthly fees, hourly fees and project based fees determined by what suits you best.

Hourly Service or Consulting Fees

Targeted at companies with 1-20 employees, this is the pay-as-you-go option.

Depending on the complexity, you will pay a flat fee per hour. The fees range from $90 per hour to $250 per hour, and we will always give you an estimate or fee schedule in advance.

Fixed Monthly Fees

You pay a fixed monthly fee, and we maintain your IT infrastructure.

Think of it as an insurance premium. Our best interest is in your problem free computing!

In this model, we do our best to stay ahead of issues to minimize service requests. Prices range from $300 to $2000+ per month depending on the size of your company and your needs. Certainly at a fraction of what an in-house IT department for your organization would cost.  It is calculated based on variables such as number of employees, technologies and services covered, and the existing systems.

This is a popular option with companies that have 20-40 employees.

Project Based Fees

Designed for companies that have an existing IT department, or have a task that will take more than 5 hours to complete.

The project based fees are cost effective and competitive.

Projects are also a good model for newly acquired clients who have a many issues before they are ready for hassle free computing. This is a cost effective option to bring everything up to date and make it stable. You can switch to hourly or monthly plans after the project.

Contact us to meet and find the best plan for you.

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